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Digital Transformation is Progress Technologies’ newest service offering to our enterprise customers in order to help them take advantage of digitalization opportunities and avoid its pitfalls. From strategy, organization and new business concepts to the core technology, change management and realized results.

In the DX journey, we specialize in providing high-quality cloud infrastructure, service and application development, integration and maintenance services to our customers through a global delivery model.

What We Do

Data & Process Auditing

We bring expertise in analyzing existing processes and data to help our customers identify and prioritize which of their mission-critical applications or processes require digitalization. The digitalization journey will help the customers not only optimize processes, reduce time and costs but also to generate new business models.

Custom Mobile and Web Application Design and Development

Creation of fast, scalable and secure range of mobile and web applications tailored to our customers' preferences and business needs.

Cloud & Microservices Architecture Design and Development

We specialize in designing and implementing scalable solutions using microservices architecture on the Cloud to enable our customers a rapid, frequent and reliable delivery of large, complex applications.

IoT Solutions

We develop solutions that enables our customers to easily collect, store, and manage their IoT data in a secure and scalable way.

Working Models

Fixed Model

The development process is built according to the cost and time estimates based on the project details provided by the client. All payments within this model are made on pre-defined milestones. The project specifications are frozen, the budget is fixed, and deadlines are set.


Having received detailed project specifications. our team studies them and make time & cost estimation. When the detailed technical design is cleared and contract signed, no additional functionality can be added to the scope of work without re-estimation of cost and time.


  • Project specifications are clearly defined and will not be changed before the release.
  • Technical documentation is properly planned and available.
  • There are clear deadlines and/or a limited budget.
  • There is a technical team at customer side to help preparing above details.


  • Risk are minimized, the solution is built exactly according to the specifications provided.
  • No extra expenses as the price cannot be changed if no changes occur on the specifications.
  • Elimination of potential misunderstanding with the development team.

Subscription Model

This model is flexible to clients’ changing needs for time and resources. Clients can change specifications not only during development but also after initial release. This give 2 major advantages to clients: scaling development with the business and the freedom to close a project when needed by giving only 1-month notice.


Having unclear project specifications. our team can help you analyze and define specifications of the solution you are trying to create for your business. Even when the specs have been defined, the features set and requirements can be changed at anytime during the development lifecycle giving more flexibility to adjust the software with the business and market demands.


  • Project specifications are not clearly defined or product is still at the idea phase.
  • Bringing a new product to the market and the interest to test its value and demand without a pre-large development investment.
  • No clear deadlines and/or budget.


  • Reducing the development investment risk by monitoring from month to month the quality of deliverables.
  • Scale the development based on the business scalability and vice-versa.
  • Flexibility in budgeting and the project cost/time management.
  • Give more control and freedom to customers.

Our Core Team

Mohamed Osamnia, Ph.D.

Anthony Beylerian

Viktors Garkavijs

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