eOneBook series
has been discontinued
as of March 31, 2023.

Thank you for believing in us, supporting us, and being part of our journey to bring this product to life. We will never forget your kindness, contributions, and encouragement. For customer support, we will provide for 2 years after the end of the sales and available until March 31, 2025.


eOneBook holds an image even when batteries are removed. Is it normal?
Don’t worry! It is normal. eOneBook has e-paper screens. One of the best features of e-paper is that the screen will retain the image displayed even without power.
It doesn’t go to another page even when I press any buttons. Does it indicate malfunction?
Depending on the condition of the batteries used, they may run out before the message to urge you to replace the batteries appears. If your eOneBook doesn’t go to another page when you press any buttons, or if it displays “Just a moment" message repeatedly, please replace the batteries with brand new ones. If the problem continues even after replacing batteries, please contact us.
For your comfortable and economical use, employing rechargeable batteries is recommended. It allows you to read more longer than other disposable batteries do. You can also use them repeatedly by recharging.

What should I do if the manga cassette cannot be used due to data corruption or loss?
  • During the warranty period: The cassette will be repaired or replaced at no charge(if the problem occurs under normal use following the User's Manual and the Safety Precautions.)
  • After the expiration of the warranty period: You can replace it with a brand-new one with 3,000 JPY handling charge. The cassette for replacement will be shipped after the broken cassette returned.
Please refer to the warranty for more information.

If you need repair or replacement, please contact us.
Can I add my own manga or ebook in the reader?
You can't add other ebook files. It is only for reading manga compatible with eOneBook format.
Can I load the eOneBook card into other devices and read it?
The manga cards are compatible only with eOneBook. Do not load it into other devices, as this could result in data corruption and damage to the device.